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hey: i wated to talk about make-up and from the age 11 untill 25 and for 11 until 13is:a light make-up like for eye-shadw it will be a nice brown colour or a sparkley gold or a sparkely white and  foundation because if u put a lot u will get a lot of spots and after that put some blusher on noit to much because u dont want to look like a clown!!and a cute lipgloss and some masscara then u will look like this:


and for 15 till 17 is: a lot of masscara and some eye liner and then colour all of your eye white and then shade a bit of black on the side and put alot of foundation on and put some tan blusher and a cute pink lipgloss and then you will look like this:

19-25 is a masscara and a nice blue/green eyes shadow and some foundation and blusher some black eye liner a red/pink lipstick with a little bit of glitter then u will look like this: